This popular trail runs from a trail-head on the east shore of the Columbia River, at the end of the logging roads, just south of Jordan Creek. It is not within the operating territory of the Friends of Parks and Trails; however it is included here as it is a segment of the Selkirk College inter-campus trail system and the Friends were involved in some aspects of its routing and construction. Construction costs were funded by Selkirk College and John Mansbridge directed the operations.

The trail follows the left bank of the Columbia River and connects with a road just south of Mount Heinze; this road emerges at Sunningdale. The trail avoids the flatter upland terrace which is too frequently dissected by deep gullies, and instead pursues a route close to the river. There are small lower terraces which are followed; however in places the trail is routed across steep and somewhat unstable dry hillsides. The slumping sand is, however, only a minor local inconvenience. The open vegetation permits almost continuous views of the river.

There is extensive growth of poison ivy along the north end of the trail, much of it hidden under bracken fern. Use caution when hiking through this locality and stay on the trail only. Long trousers are a wise choice; they will pick up the irritating oils and need to be handled carefully.

The northern trail-head is reached by driving - as far as possible - along the road which leads to the Champion Creek village site, and then following a logging road left and down into the creek valley to cross Champion Creek. The road crosses Jordan Creek and continues on the other side through a logged area; a spur leading towards the river leads to the actual trail-head. N.B. About half of the route described above may not be open to motor vehicles as there is a locked gate where the road enters the private U.S.C.C. property.

The constructed trail is about 8 km. long.

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