This well constructed trail system is in the vicinity of the Syringa Park camping and day use area. There are two trails (Syringa and Yellow Pine); both work up the open hillside along easy grades. Yellow Pine Trail is further west and runs through generally open Ponderosa (or Yellow) Pine / Douglas Fir forest, offering excellent views of Lower Arrow Lake below. Syringa Trail is the easternmost trail, climbing from the trail-head near Syringa Creek and staying relatively close to the creek in a denser evergreen forest during its ascent. A short spur ventures further up into the steep-sided ravine in which the creek runs, while the main trail turns west and runs in that general direction to join up with the Yellow Pine Trail.

An alternate leg of the Yellow Pine Trail leaves the Deer Park Road near its junction with the Park Access Road; this trail joins to the east-west connector described above, thus offering various possibilities for routing. There are site maps in place, as well as several interpretive stop markers.

In total, the trails offer about 5 km. of hiking pathway. As the terrain is open with many intriguing rock outcrops, the intrepid explorer can ramble about to his heart's content.

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