Over the years, trails have been developed on and around the Castlegar campus of the College by students of the Renewable Resources Program and paid student workers. The trails explore the riparian ecosystem along the Columbia and Kootenay rivers and venture away from the main rivers in two areas: along an oxbow channel where beaver activity is very evident, and a higher ancient Kootenay River channel where the trail runs through a developing forest which resulted from replanting efforts by the College. The trail along the Columbia River is being extended southward along the river. A short interpretive segment has been developed recently in the vicinity of the Mir Centre.

The trail system is accessible at several locations:

1. The trail along the Columbia River can be accessed at the Kinnaird bridge, the Kootenay Gallery, or the west parking lot of Selkirk College.

2. The trail along the Kootenay River and the oxbow channel can be accessed from the west parking lot of Selkirk College.

3. The trail along the abandoned river channel can be accessed from the College Access Road (Frank Beinder Way) near the junction of Rosedale Road or from Heritage Way which leads to the Doukhobor Museum and the Kootenay Gallery.

The total distance represented by the existing trails at the College campus is about 8 km.

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