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The footbridge below the falls, which I built for aesthetic reasons, was taken out by a flood in 2012. Little McPhee Creek has had previous episodes of massive floods, which seem to relate to failure of beaver dams in the creek headwaters during episodes of heavy rain.

I constructed this spur trail and a small bridge in 1999 in order to make the lovely waterfall on Little McPhee Creek accessible. Its development is covered under the comprehensive Skattebo Reach Trail Construction History.

This very short trail leaves Skattebo Reach Trail just before the main crossing of Little McPhee Creek. It actually follows the original Doukhobor workers' trail a little further before it disappears into the debris field which obliterated it sometime after 1945. The trail then drops into the creek bed which is followed upstream for a short distance until the creek itself is crossed by a footbridge. A short extension of the trail ends at the plunge pool of the scenic waterfall. The waterfall is best in spring and early summer when water run-off is high; later in the season the creek flow is significantly reduced. This trail is closed to bicycles and horses.

Waterfall Bridge
Waterfall High Water
Waterfall Low Water

Hiking time : 5 minutes each way.

Interactive map of trail

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