I constructed this short trail in 1999 to join the higher-elevation Doukhobor Waterline Trail with the lower-elevation Skattebo Reach Trail so that a loop walk was made possible. Columbia Power Corporation funded the work, which is described in the Skattebo Reach Trail Construction History.

This is a short and fairly steep trail. It makes a loop walk possible if the one of the two trails is followed in one direction to Big McPhee Creek and the other one is used for the return.

Middle Bench
Handcables Above Canyon
Lower Cascade

The walking trail leaves the Doukhobor Waterline Trail in a small gully which it traverses by several short switchbacks. Two benches are located at the end of one switchback. The trail then follows a longer leg of a switchback through deciduous and evergreen stands to an erosion gully at which point it turns abruptly. Two more switchbacks bring the trail close to the McPhee Creek canyon. The trail now enters a small terrace and passes by on old prospect hole. Rusty tools were found buried here during trail construction. As the trail runs close to the edge of the narrow canyon there are occasional views of cascades and white water. Cable barriers have been installed along the most dangerous area. (Caution: Stay on the trail and keep children close at hand. Do not approach the edge of the canyon!) The trail then leaves the canyon and emerges on a gently descending terrace which has been greatly improved by the removal of woody debris and fallen trees. It continues to run along the creek ravine, offering fine views and several benches for rest and contemplation. A toilet was installed in 2002 near the junction with Skattebo Reach Trail. This trail is closed to bicycles and horses.

Bank of McPhee
Upper Cascades

Hiking distance is about 3/4 km. with an elevation change of about 150 meters.

Interactive map of trail

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