Constructed as a Millennium Project by the City of Castlegar, the Millennium Walkway was officially opened on June 1, 2001. The project was scaled down due to budgetary constraints; however, it still incorporated a 900 metre paved walkway with formal elements such as an entry gateway, a kiosk, an arched bridge, landscaped viewpoints with interpretive signs, and amenities such as benches and a washroom. The Walkway was extended upstream in 2003, allowing me to develop and install the sign on Albert McCleary. Plans are underway for a further extension at the downstream end. For full details of my involvement with the Walkway, see Millennium Walkway Construction History.

The Walkway is a feature of Twin Rivers Park. It replaces a segment of the original Twin Rivers Trail whose remnants extend the paved walkway to more distant points such as Zuckerberg Island.

The Walkway is featured here, as the original Twin Rivers Trail was developed by the Friends of Parks and Trails. Furthermore, the interpretive panels dealing with historical themes were developed and designed by me, and I am also providing the linked expanded articles on the topics. These are:

TRIBUTE TO A RIVER: a retrospective look at the traffic on this heritage waterway and ways in which it shaped the growth and development of the Castlegar community.

TIN-CUP RAPIDS: an examination of the effects that this double set of rapids exerted on navigation of the river.

ARROW LAKES: a reflective view of the small fruit-growing communities which sprang up along the Arrow lakes during the first two decades of the last century.

STAR-GAZER: the story of David Thompson, with particular emphasis on his travels through the Columbia District and the local area.

ALBERT McCLEARY: PIONEER HOMESTEADER the life of Albert McCleary, original pre-emptor of the land that much of North Castlegar is built on, and the city's first resident, farmer and ferryman.

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